Freak Flags Flyin at Fete of Wales, WI | Nikon Z6 Wedding Film

Melissa & Ben were one of the strongest couples I’ve ever witnessed in my career. The way Melissa looks at Ben is captivating and inspiring to any couple. A flight attendant marrying a firefighter sounds like a written fairytale from our childhoods but no, they’re the real deal.

Twas the brightest day in Wisconsin’s 4th summer of the year without a cloud to be found. I actually got sunburnt just from the ceremony alone. The intro from Disney’s “UP” had everyone in tears as Melissa walked down the aisle at Fete, Inc. From the dog runnin around to champagne guns praying off during dancing, it was truly an action packed day.

💒 Venues – Fete, Inc.

📜 Planner – Tremaine Weddings & Events

📷 Photographer – Cassandra Noel Photography

🎥 Videographer – Dolister Films

🎵 DJ/Live Artists – Complete Weddings + Events

💅 Hair – The Butterfly Collective

💐 Florist – Americana Flower Station located in Mukwonago, WI

💍 Jeweler –Rasmussen Diamonds located in Mount Pleasant, WI