Moody & Monochrome / Fitzgerald & The Deco / Shelby & Marco

I’m thrilled to take you through my recent escapade from the Fitzgerald to The Deco wedding in Milwaukee, WI. Shelby & Marco exchanged the most passionate vows I’ve ever witnessed and set the tone for the short film you’ll love below.

I’ve covered the Fitzgerald before in another favorite wedding film of mine, but it never disappoints. The ceremony space is sized for the perfect amount of people to attend with beautiful greenery draping the walls. As a videographer, I always need my angles, and having the 2nd floor overlook the front of the ceremony space through a window provides an incredibly unique backup shot.

The Deco is a brand new location I had the privilege of shooting. There’s all sorts of fun decor on the 2nd floor! Cocktail hour is held on the 2nd floor with its own bar, of course, and there you can have fun with all the decor while the first floor has its own bar for later and is emptied when you first arrive so you have room to dump belongings. The lighting is something to behold, the circled lights hanging from above give it a really unique and classy vibe.

Shelby & Marco have been together for years and you can certainly tell. The first look said it all. Their vows to each other said even more. Each partner would choose the other in every single lifetime because one simply just isn’t enough. We don’t have enough time in this life and it’s been incredibly rewarding for me to capture the souls committing to spending that time together.

💒 Venue – The Fitzgerald

💒 Venue – The Deco

📜 Planner – Molly Events to a T

📷 Photographer – Ariel Kassulke

🎥 Videographer – Dolister Films

💐 Florist – Avenue Bloom