Boxed & Burlap, WI Wedding Film at the End of Summer

Tresha & Kyle take the trophy being together for 15 years, without a doubt, the longest time together I’ve ever been able to capture in my career. You could tell how excited they were to finally arrive to this day from their attire, decor & even beautiful venue choice! Watch what 15 years of a relationship should look like & learn something in the process below.

Boxed & Burlap is a sick venue. Not only is there an open coffee shop on the premises, a greenhouse converted into a prep space, but a gorgeous ceremony & reception barn that can hold even the largest of weddings. Pretty string lights are held up from building to building overhead a brick walkway between them for casual events to take place like some photo taking, cocktail hour, or anything else you’d want to do. There’s a huge field near that as well for fun activities like bags, frisbees, or really any kind of ideas or trends you’d want to try! They even have their own parking lot!!! Seriously, that doesn’t get enough praise for wedding venues. 10/10.

💒 Venue – Boxed & Burlap

📜 Planner – Deanna Doval

📷 Photographer – Lusia Studio Photography

🎵 DJ – A Personal Touch DJ’s

💅 Hair/Makeup – Luxe On Site Salon

💍 Jeweler – Plum Gold

🍴 Caterer – Zilli Hospitality Group