Titletown Ties True Love: Amber & Dylan’s Wedding Film in Green Bay

Hey there, party people! Dolister Films in the house, and let me tell you, I just rocked the lens at the wedding of the century! Picture this: Hamlet Creek Weddings & Events (formerly Sepia Chapel) & Green Bay Distillery – the stage for the love saga of Amber & Dylan.

These two lovebirds have been rocking the romance game for years. I’m talking the kind of love that makes you believe in happily ever after. This might just be the longest-lasting couple I’ve had the pleasure of capturing on film. Hold on to your popcorn, folks!

We kicked off this epic adventure at Hamlet Creek, then took the party to some nearby parks, swung by Hinterland, and wrapped it all up at the Green Bay Distillery Banquet Hall. Talk about a blockbuster wedding tour! We were soaking in the best photo ops and capturing those candid good times that make your heart do a happy dance.

Now, let’s talk about the jackpot Amber & Dylan hit with their wedding date. In the unpredictable land of Wisconsin, they snagged the last weekend of those breathtaking fall colors. I mean, we’re talking nature’s own Instagram filter, folks. It was like the universe decided to be their personal wedding decorator.

From the vows at Hamlet Creek to the parks’ picturesque backdrops, Hinterland’s cool vibes, and the grand finale at Green Bay Distillery, this wedding was a masterpiece. Every moment, every laugh, every tear – executed flawlessly. That’s the Dolister Films guarantee, and Amber & Dylan, you two brought the magic!

💒 Venues Hamlet Creek Weddings & Events (formerly Sepia Chapel) & Green Bay Distillery

📷 Photographer – Sylvia Rose Photography

🎥 Videographer – Dolister Films

🎵 DJ/Live Artists – Audio Excitement – Nic Betow

💐 Florist – Flowers n’ Gifts by Judy

💍 Jewelers Bay Area Jewelry & Feldsteins

🍰 Baker – Crumbl

🍴 Caterer – GB Distillery

🤵 Rental Comps Ruby Design & Rent a Tent

🚌 Transportation – The Bus Guys LLC