A Celestial Soiree Wedding Film at the Pritzlaff

All right, strap in, my wedding aficionados, ’cause Dolister Films is about to take you on a rollercoaster of love, chaos, and a dash of Milwaukee magic! Emily & Andy went crazy on this one.

So there I was, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ready to capture the wedding chaos at Pritzlaff 333, right outside the historic third ward. The place was buzzing with energy, and I swear, I’ve never seen a wedding coordinator move faster!

Now, the twenty-five people strong bridal party? They were so loud and proud it wasn’t just a party; it was a parade. Keeping track of them was like herding cats on Red Bull, but oh, what a glorious mess it was. Chaos, my friends, is the secret ingredient to a memorable wedding.

And then, we ascended to the rooftop of Pritzlaff for some photos. It was like being in the center of the universe, Milwaukee-style. The sights? Insane. The vibes? Out of this world.

But wait, there’s more – we took the party to the Milwaukee Art Museum. Because why settle for one iconic location when you can have two? More fun, more photos, and a backdrop that even Picasso would envy. Milwaukee, you were showing off that day.

Now, when night fell, Remington Flowers & Co waved their magic wands over the dining experience. I’m talking next-level aesthetics. It felt like we weren’t just at a wedding; we’d been transported to some celestial soiree. I half expected aliens to crash the party; it was that otherworldly.

Overall, this day was a mad whirlwind of events, laughter, and enough fun to make your grandma breakdance. Stay tuned for the next chapter, my friends. Until then, keep rocking those love vibes!

πŸ’’ Venue – Pritzlaff 333

πŸ“œ Planner – Rustique Swan

πŸ“· Photographer – Corrina Nicole Photography

πŸŽ₯ Videographer – Dolister Films

🎡 DJ/Live Artists – David Charles Productions

πŸ’… Makeup – xoxo Beauty | Kasandra Palivoda

πŸ’ Florist – Remingtons Flowers & Co

πŸ’ Jeweler – Powers & Kesslers

🍰 Baker – Aggies Bakery & Mac MKE

🍴 Caterer – Lee Johns Catering