Risk It All In The Paddle Boat: Fete of Wales in July

Lauren & Brad tied the knot at fete inc // fete of Wales in the peak of summer! What a beautiful LONG day, sun set so late, no one felt tired at all. Clouds perfectly painted the sky, it wasn’t too hot, it was a just a perfect day, setting up for a perfect union! As if it couldn’t get better, getting the couple to hang out for a bit in the boat was just the cherry on top, look how perfect this is!!!

LAUREN & BRAD | 07.22.2022

As a seasoned videographer, I have had the privilege of capturing stunning footage at many wedding venues. Out of all of them, Fete of Wales stands out as an exceptional choice for a couple’s big day. This venue is a feast for the eyes, with its beautiful and diverse angles, ranging from breathtaking views from the second floor to the tranquil pathways leading to a picturesque pond, complete with a boat for the happy couple.

The venue boasts two unique and themed rooms for the bride and groom to prepare in, offering ample opportunities for capturing unique and creative footage. Each room also has its own patio, providing even more space for capturing special moments. Whether you choose to hold the ceremony indoors or outdoors, Fete of Wales guarantees an unparalleled combination of beauty, elegance, and functionality. Both options offer breathtaking views and it’s truly difficult to choose between the two.

In addition to the beautiful setting, the venue also offers a serene balcony for guests and vendors to relax and take in the surroundings. And for those who are worried about parking logistics, Fete of Wales has a spacious private parking lot, eliminating any stress on the big day. With a Culver’s located next door, the party can continue even after the venue has closed.

In conclusion, booking Fete of Wales for your wedding day ensures an elite and truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

💒 Venue fete inc

📸 Photographer SB Photography

🎥 Videographer Dolister Films

🎵 DJ Smoov Music