Celebrating Love in the Midst of COVID: The Hottest July Wedding of the Year!

CASEY & AUSTIN | 07.01.2020

Casey & Austin are seriously together forever. Even meeting them for the first time, you’d know that they are a perfect match. They are each others own hype man! Austin inspired me to hype up my future wife more often after spending a whole day with him. Casey was just livin it up the whole day, couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. Who wouldn’t want to hang with these two?!

All I remember from this day though was how HOT AND HUMID it was, omg. I believe it peeked at 106 with humidty. I remember holidng my gimbal throughout the ceremony and my hands were pruny after it. I had to take a 20min break just to catch my breath. I blew a hole through my pants by the end of the wedding day. I now always bring a 2nd pair with me. You’d NEVER KNOW all of this by simply watching the film though. Idk how Casey & Austin looked so good while sweating perfusely but, that’s just how fricken great they are!